1. LOCATION: We usually cannot move a home! To quote the favorite phrase of appraisers, "location, location, location". The pricing of your home must reflect its location.
  2. CONDITION: The upkeep and good condition of your property is crucial to obtain the highest value for your home in any given market, at any given time. The pricing of your property must reflect its condition.
  3. PRICE: It's the number one factor in the sale of a home. A property is really only worth what one person is willing to pay another to gain ownership of it. Price must be in direct relationship to the other five ingredients, and is the most important of all.
  4. TERMS: The more terms available on your property, the more potential buyers you reach. The pricing of your property must reflect the kinds of terms available to purchase it.
  5. THE MARKET: I.E., interest rates, competition, and the economy all make up and influence the state of the market when you sell your home. The pricing of your property must reflect the current status of the market.
  6. STAGING: Homes that are prepared for sale sell quicker and/or for more money! Staging will immediately give your property a marketing edge in any market.