I will work with you in steps so there's no need to panic. All of your home will be meticulously checked because every room, potentially, will need Staging as a marketing tool to sell your home.  I'm not here to decorate your home, I'm here to help you sell your house faster and/or for more money.

We'll start from the outside, taking a good look from the curb. This is going to be the first impression on a buyer.

In each room inside your home I'll focus on de-cluttering, depersonalizing and re-purposing. Even inside the kitchen cabinets and specially the closets, everything will need to be enticing for the buyer's eyes!

Sometimes it can happen the opposite: a room is so "empty" that needs more furniture and/or accessories to help it shows its purpose. We can move furniture from another room or even rent some pieces to give that room a perfect look.

And don't forget that basements need staging too! So try not to fill it out with all your already packed items, or consider getting rid of stuff that you know it's not going to move with you.