The Seven C's of Staging

Nice to meet you! I'm SIMONE GESSER, The Staging Guru, and I'm totally focused on helping you sell your house for top dollar and/or faster!

Let's talk about something simple but crucial to HOME STAGING: the seven C's. It might look obvious but most homeowners forget about these, thinking it won't make a difference when selling their homes. But, trust me, it will make a HUGE difference!

1. Clean --> have hour house professionally cleaned before listing and Open House and keep it that way. Pay attention to chandeliers, glass doors, fireplace and kitchen appliances.

2. Clutter free --> there's nothing wrong about having too many things. But once you decide to move and sell your property, your things will move with you, so there is no point on leaving them there to distract potential buyers. They need to visualize their things in your house, not yours! 

3. Color --> when selling a house, we need neutral colors. This works for both inside and outside your home. An accent wall might work sometimes but it can also be a distraction.

4. Creativity --> some people thing that HOME STAGING is about changing everything in your house and buying a lot of new stuff. This is cannot be farther from the truth! A furniture not needed in a room can be easily placed in a different part of your house, for example. Sometimes, a vase with some plants or flowers from your yard can work perfectly in a table or bookshelf and it costed nothing to you. Together we will be creative geniuses!

5. Compromise --> eventually I will have to compromise, and you will have to compromise. This is part of life after all... but working together as a team will make us find the best scenario possible.

6. Communication: super important to keep the communication flowing nicely between us ALL the time! I will always be listening to your ideas and concerns, and I expect the same from you, even when I have something tough to say. In the end, our goal is the same: to sell your house faster and for a higher price.

7. Commitment: I can guarantee you that I will be totally committed to transform your home into a product, and that product will be better than its competitors in your market! I hope you have the same commitment so you can start planning your new life, in your new home!